Holy shit. I was well-acquainted with the format of Taskmaster, and my earlier forays into watching it had left me feeling it was amusing enough but really nothing too amazing. But Season 16 changed ALL of that. Maybe it’s partly down to my mounting obsession with the good-natured silliness of Alex Horne (the Horne Section Podcast is one of my Happy Places). But the combination of contestants on this season was just pure bottled lightning – fab dresser primary school teacher-esque and barely-mentions-it-RADA-graduate Susan Wokoma plays off arch elder statesman personality and notable homosexual Julian Clary, the twin alien outsiders Aussie space cadet Sam Campbell and northern vacuum Lucy Beaumont, and then to top it all off, National Treasure, massive nerd, and ever-enthusiastic participator Sue Perkins. Just sublime, week after week. Brilliant doesn’t even start to touch it. PORTCULLIS! 👍👍

Taskmaster – Season 16
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