I watched Seinfeld. All of it.  All 9 seasons. Starting at the end of January, and finishing in November. Snatching 2 or 3 episodes in an evening when I could after Liz had gone to bed (she haaaaaates Seinfeld).  I’d never seen it all despite it having been CONSTANTLY on TV – from its actual run (1989-1998), and then the everpresent reruns. You know all the main characters, many of the catchphrases, and maybe even the origins. There was a definite change across the seasons in the extremeness of the main cast: mostly starting out as normal folk (well, with the exception of Kramer) and slowly losing much of any third-dimension… but at the same time getting more complex and extreme in their various neuroses. I’d never spotted Jerry’s casual string of girlfriends who’d never pass a Bechdel test, or wondered why he wouldn’t just change the locks or call the cops on Kramer & his constant home-invasion. They make George seem like the most normal one of the group. Go figure.

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