I’m not one of the legion of fans who devoured the Lee Childs books – my only exposure to Reacher really has been the Tom Cruise film.  Seasoned by the mouth-agape review of my mate Rodney, who just couldn’t get over the fact that they’d cast a 5’6″ actor as the 6’5″ Jack Reacher.  This series really illustrated to me I think what Rodney was on about.

He’s a big lad, that Reacher.

I enjoyed that the character is in no way portrayed as a one-dimensional giant lunk, but rather an observant, intelligent and just man with complexity, vulnerability and depth, but also with an impressive array of skills at his disposal.  The show’s pace was great because the audience were figuring out the situation along with Reacher & friends rather than the end game being made clear early in the piece and the characters just following the signposts.  I’m very excited for the next instalment, should there be one. 👍

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