If there’s something I really don’t need in my life it’s more frigging Monty Python documentary. I’ve been watching/reading Python docos pretty much since I’ve known about the Pythons.  While watching this I realised that with the bulk of their work produced between 1969 and 1983, the Python team have been reminiscing about their work for over 2.5 times as long as they spent creating it. To wit, there’s not many stories now that nerds like me haven’t heard.

Still – I very much enjoyed it.  A fine excuse to watch some sketch content, and catch some reactions from the roster of talent on the books of whatever network funded the production of this series.  Quite what relevance Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson had to any of it was a little lost on me, unless he was the closest person they could get to Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin (who famously funded some of the filmmaking projects).

Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer’s Cut)
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