I got drawn into this as the show that Antony Starr (of The Boys) headed up previously, and was taken by the premise – a hardened criminal is released from prison, heads to the sleepy Pennsylvania town where his ex-girlfriend now lives, and following a rumble in a bar ends up assuming the identity of the new Sheriff. A background cast includes the town police force, an evil controlling businessman (from an Amish background) and his sexed-up niece, and a succession of antagonists. On the one hand it suffers a bit from the Sons of Anarchy “How much bad shit can go down in a town that small?” incredulousness… but I did enjoy the hyperviolence and some of the moonlighting that the characters got involved in. My favourite moment was in Season 3 where the antagonist was an invincible 6 foot 5 brick shithouse of a Native American, hellbent on taking vengeance on Sheriff Hood for something or other, and from behind closed doors Hood shouts dismissively, “Fuck off, Chayton”. I guess you had to be there. 👍

Banshee – Season 1 to 3
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