Avenue 5 (both seasons)

I was drawn to this by Armando Ianucci’s involvement, and intrigued by Hugh Laurie’s presence (plus supporting case – Zach Woods, Rebecca Front, and Josh Gad as a low-rent Jack Black). While the first couple of episodes struggled to figure

Rick and Morty – Seasons 1 to 5

A rewatch of Rick & Morty HAD to be done, because… well… infant to supervise, right? And when she’s a bit older I won’t be able to watch shit like this during the day.  Just sublime writing.  So much more

The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 5

This might be the first time I’ve said this about this show, but I actually enjoyed this season – and this represents a bit of a seachange in that it’s become more driven by plot, and seems less about making

The Orville – Season 3

The Orville’s now almost totally shed its comedy roots and transmorphed into a late-90s space scifi serial. Season 3 was a “replatforming”, that saw a new titlecard (The Orville – New Horizons), and longer episode lengths – which made for

Star Wars: Andor

Holy crap. THIS is good Star Wars Universe content. As my colleague put it, “It doesn’t have space wizards” – what it DOES have is intrigue, politics, characters you give a shit about, and storyline that it’s foregone conclusion EVEN

The Sandman

Having never read the GRAPHIC NOVELS but heard loads about them over the years I was very keen to watch this, and mostly enjoyed the British emo/stoner vibing lead character. Took me a minute to pick up that as a

The Boys – Season 3

This show.  My god, this show.  I found myself describing in breathlessly to a workmate and realised that I absolutely love it.  Flawed characters… flawed SUPERHEROES… and the set pieces – even after 2 eye-popping seasons, they can *still* pull

Obi-Wan Kenobi

I really think Ewan McGregor was giving this all he had, but it’s not possible to overcome the laziness of the Star Wars franchise and its 21st Century architects.  A patronising parade of fan-appeasing lip-service stretched over a jeopardy-free plot,

Upload – Season 2

Season 1 of this really, really grabbed me – so it’s a bit of a shame that this followup instalment seemed to wander a bit. I don’t know if there was an element of plot-padding, or maybe my mind just

The Orville – Season 1

Intriguing, this one – I had a look at the first one of these ages ago because of the concept (space/scifi comedy, helmed by Seth McFarlane), and found the whole thing a bit desperate. However one of the blokes at

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