Gen V

Superhero High – a predictable trope. But, from the makers & universe of The Boys? Strap in. More of the unexpectedly creative violence amid a bleak, exploitative storyline and chemical hijinks from Voight Corporation. Great spinoff; makes me even more

The Night Agent

Cute 10-part spy-thriller pushed at me by the Netflix algorithm. It was an engaging enough story, provided you were happy to ignore the UTTERLY RIDICULOUS central plot element once it moved into view. Fun and well-put together, provided you’re not

The Flight Attendant – Season 2

No less absurd than the first season, but whatever you think of this show you CERTAINLY couldn’t say it was formulaic or clicheed.  Multi-faceted espionage caper constantly upended by the completely underequipped Cassie Bowden, with a concluding sequence that was

The White Lotus – Season 2

Basically, if you go on holiday and Jennifer Coolidge turns up in your hotel – GO HOME NOW. I’m really impressed at how this show manages to take an almost entirely new cast, and a new location, and weave a


Why do stories set in 80s suburbia always immediately conjure up the idea that some of them might be swingers? I know fashion’s a fleeting and ephemeral thing, but even having grown up there it’s impossible to believe that people


I’m not one of the legion of fans who devoured the Lee Childs books – my only exposure to Reacher really has been the Tom Cruise film.  Seasoned by the mouth-agape review of my mate Rodney, who just couldn’t get

The Stranger

For some reason our TV was suddenly inundated with Harlan Coben stories, so we picked this one on the strength of the casting – it seemed quite a decent mystery piece whose episodes left you wondering deliciously what this show

The White Lotus

High-production-value piece about a few groups of protagonists who go to an island resort for their own various reasons, and the subsequent interplay and revelations they have whilst there. It’s got a bit of everything but doesn’t seem too predictable

Mare of Easttown

So many column inches of reviews on this already.  GREAT story, and so compellingly put together. Not only a torturous journey through the mundane, but it’s foolish not to note that it was Kate Winslet utterly refusing the glamour bit. 

The Flight Attendant

I kinda went into this one without much idea what I was signing up for – but it turned into quite an engaging murder-mystery following an alcoholic flight attendant as she tried to get to the bottom of the murder

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