Last Chance to See

Stephen Fry & Mark Carwardine’s followup to Douglas Adams’ 1990 book & radio series.  A generally desperate series of illustrations of mankind’s decimation of our natural habitat and the ecological collateral damage that ensues, although seldom over-earnest and mawkish.  Tough one for me, because it’s one of my favourite books …

How The Young Ones Changed Comedy

Inward-looking BBC Documentary about what a groundbreaking show The Young Ones was, and how the performers in it impacted the UK alternative comedy scene. I loved it, because of it being a walk through my favourite paddocks – but one’s got to question what we learn from a documentary like …

7 Days Out

Netflix’s attempt to make Project Management sexy. Fascinating and disparate selection of stories told in a much more tension-fuelled and suspenseful way than anything with Jack Bauer in. And I SWEAR the Westminster Dog Show one was more or less lifted directly from the script of Best In Show (2000). 👍

Susie Dent’s Guide To Swearing

Very short informational series on the origins & etymology of some of your favourite common English swears, told by the erudite & eloquent Susie Dent, from Countdown’s Dictionary Corner. Magnificent television. 👍