We Need to Talk About Cosby

Leaving aside the fact this could’ve been edited down a lot tighter (4 hours? Really?) – Yet Another chilling story of abuse of power to facilitate serial sexual assault by a male entertainer in the 60s-90s+. Sickening number of parallels

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

I think I got a bit confused here, as there’s been loads of media rhetoric about the Steve Coogan-led dramatisation of the Savile story: and that’s what I was interested in.  It’s probably no coincidence therefore that Netflix have been

The Beatles: Get Back

This documentary-of-the-decade was far too good to bother with my usual collection of sentences here.  So I wrote a whole post, instead. 👍👍👍

We Are the Champions

I can’t recall what drew me to this – although my watching history does seem to point to the fact that if left to my own devices, I’ll sniff out odd documentary series.  In this case, it was a 6-part


I didn’t watch the *entirety* of Horizon – it was more that BBC iPlayer had a handful of episodes up to look at: so it was a total no-brainer to watch 1981’s Richard Feynman episode, “The Pleasure Of Finding Things


8 part docu-series about spy techniques through recent history, backed with loads of stock footage and factual explanations/recountings of events.  I came away feeling like they repeated themselves a bit, although being one of those shows I’d pop on after

ReMastered: The Lion’s Share

One of the more successful late-night documentary selections I’ve made (and managed to stay awake through this one!) – South African journalist Rian Malan tracks down the daughters of Solomon Linda to see if they’re aware that their father’s song

Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer’s Cut)

If there’s something I really don’t need in my life it’s more frigging Monty Python documentary. I’ve been watching/reading Python docos pretty much since I’ve known about the Pythons.  While watching this I realised that with the bulk of their

Pretend It’s a City

I suspect I wildly missed the point of this. Lauded as “must see” by some ppl in my circles, I gave this a good solid attempt at watching (3 episodes), but ultimately found it impossible to give much of a

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Nobody can Jeff Goldblum like Jeff Goldblum – so I’ve no idea what the pitching process for this National Geographic series was, but it features Jeff doing his inimitable thing on a series of different topics – Ice Cream, Swimming

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