High Score

Multifaceted documentary about the development of video games through history, and interviews with some of the industry’s more notable figures. Somehow finishes up on Nolan Bushnell of Atari, whose genius can be summed up by “We took a game that the computer science nerds had dreamt up, and put a …

Last Chance to See

Stephen Fry & Mark Carwardine’s followup to Douglas Adams’ 1990 book & radio series.  A generally desperate series of illustrations of mankind’s decimation of our natural habitat and the ecological collateral damage that ensues, although seldom over-earnest and mawkish.  Tough one for me, because it’s one of my favourite books …

7 Days Out

Netflix’s attempt to make Project Management sexy. Fascinating and disparate selection of stories told in a much more tension-fuelled and suspenseful way than anything with Jack Bauer in. And I SWEAR the Westminster Dog Show one was more or less lifted directly from the script of Best In Show (2000). 👍

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