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Inside Man 0

Inside Man

David Tennant’s vicar and Stanley Tucci’s death-row-not-at-all-like-Hannibal-Lecter psychologist are the tentpoles for this 4-part crime drama where the mild-mannered vicar just keeps on making the wrong decision, culminating in a VERY bizarre final episode....

Pieces of Her 0

Pieces of Her

So, I find it *really* hard watching things with Toni Collette in (and this is TOTALLY my issue) because I keep getting distracted about whether it was her that I really disliked in that...

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story 0

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

I think I got a bit confused here, as there’s been loads of media rhetoric about the Steve Coogan-led dramatisation of the Savile story: and that’s what I was interested in.  It’s probably no...

The Stranger 0

The Stranger

For some reason our TV was suddenly inundated with Harlan Coben stories, so we picked this one on the strength of the casting – it seemed quite a decent mystery piece whose episodes left...

Trust 0


Watching this one’s been dragging out over months…  What started as a crisp & enthralling drama based on the tale of the purported kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, the grandson of tycoon John...

The Serpent 0

The Serpent

Did I mention “light, uplifting TV” before? There was a point where we were simultaneously watching this, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Underground Railroad, and Halston. You can forgive us for feeling a little emotionally...

Mare of Easttown 0

Mare of Easttown

So many column inches of reviews on this already.  GREAT story, and so compellingly put together. Not only a torturous journey through the mundane, but it’s foolish not to note that it was Kate...

Prodigal Son 0

Prodigal Son

I think we bailed on this after 5 episodes, which I feel’s a reasonable tilt at it. In truth I think we picked this up for the wrong reasons – i.e. that it had...

Homeland – Season 8 0

Homeland – Season 8

The final chapter in Carrie Matheson’s Crazy Adventures, in which Claire Danes has buried the image of the impish smile from Romeo+Juliet & replaced it with a kind of gorilla-like gurning… but then, I...

Criminal: UK – Season 2 0

Criminal: UK – Season 2

Self-contained police questioning drama; on the whole more compelling than season 1, however some of the performances felt a little like drama school auditions.