Criminal Record

Decent police drama about a wrongful murder conviction, with some thoroughly disagreeable arse-covering cops, some beautifully rich flawed characters, and nailbiting intensity. Peter Capaldi always seems to be about 40% more intense than other actors, although some of that’s GOT

Banshee – Season 1 to 3

I got drawn into this as the show that Antony Starr (of The Boys) headed up previously, and was taken by the premise – a hardened criminal is released from prison, heads to the sleepy Pennsylvania town where his ex-girlfriend

Vigil – Season 2

Season 1 was so gripping that we were prepared to overlook the fact that Season 2 of this show named after a submarine had nothing whatsoever to do with submarines. Unless it was a metaphor, or something. Drones, a fictional


Well, this was unusual – initially a very oddly positioned seemingly-sitcom about an ex-veteran now turned hitman, who gets engaged by some comically bad criminals to perform an assassination only to get himself accidentally enrolled in an acting class and

Dead to Me – Series 3

I’ll be brutally honest and say I don’t remember specifics on this one – it’s the ongoing story of a couple of women thrust into friendship through some death & treachery, with layers of secrets at work and some ludicrous


Why do stories set in 80s suburbia always immediately conjure up the idea that some of them might be swingers? I know fashion’s a fleeting and ephemeral thing, but even having grown up there it’s impossible to believe that people

Inside Man

David Tennant’s vicar and Stanley Tucci’s death-row-not-at-all-like-Hannibal-Lecter psychologist are the tentpoles for this 4-part crime drama where the mild-mannered vicar just keeps on making the wrong decision, culminating in a VERY bizarre final episode. Some pretty wildly unrealistic police characters

Pieces of Her

So, I find it *really* hard watching things with Toni Collette in (and this is TOTALLY my issue) because I keep getting distracted about whether it was her that I really disliked in that Jurassic Park sequel (spoiler: it isn’t

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

I think I got a bit confused here, as there’s been loads of media rhetoric about the Steve Coogan-led dramatisation of the Savile story: and that’s what I was interested in.  It’s probably no coincidence therefore that Netflix have been

The Stranger

For some reason our TV was suddenly inundated with Harlan Coben stories, so we picked this one on the strength of the casting – it seemed quite a decent mystery piece whose episodes left you wondering deliciously what this show

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