Rick and Morty – Seasons 1 to 5

A rewatch of Rick & Morty HAD to be done, because… well… infant to supervise, right? And when she’s a bit older I won’t be able to watch shit like this during the day.  Just sublime writing.  So much more

Little Demon

Mainlined this accidentally, without being convinced if I enjoyed it. Obvious lineage to Rick & Morty, dialled up a bit in the adultness – I was also surprised at the depth of nerdy detail they went to. Probably the biggest

The Flight Attendant – Season 2

No less absurd than the first season, but whatever you think of this show you CERTAINLY couldn’t say it was formulaic or clicheed.  Multi-faceted espionage caper constantly upended by the completely underequipped Cassie Bowden, with a concluding sequence that was

The Simpsons – Season 33

Having a tiny baby to feed naturally lends itself to having The Simpsons on in the background, which explains how I mainlined this whole season in 2 weeks.  I’m really, really impressed by these last couple of seasons – given

The Simpsons – Season 32

Continuing the quality streak from season 31 – some good (coherent) stories, and really watchable.  And we learned that Superindendant Chalmers’ first name is Garibaldi. 👍

Veep – Season 1

I found it hard to assess what I thought of the material of this, so caught up was I in how Armando Ianucci it was – even with everyone in it being American.  While desperately missing Chris Addison and Peter

The Orville – Season 3

The Orville’s now almost totally shed its comedy roots and transmorphed into a late-90s space scifi serial. Season 3 was a “replatforming”, that saw a new titlecard (The Orville – New Horizons), and longer episode lengths – which made for

The Fast Show

Iconic, and part of the culture – no idea how I got this far in the UK without having consumed this. I paid for a compilation on Amazin that claimed to be the whole of The Fast Show – no


Comedic-but-tackling-the-real-life-issues series with protagonist Neil Patrick Harris being left by his long-term boyfriend unexpectedly, and the completely relatable stories that unfold for someone who’s a high-end property agent, existing in the New York gay society scene.  This is DEFINITELY not

Young Rock – Season 2

The quasi-biopic of Presedential Candidate Dwayne Johnson continues – bringing in a little adversity and a few lessons but maintaining the ludicrous tone and cartoonish charm. What a way to mythologise a backstory! I feel like in this season his