Taskmaster – Season 16

Holy shit. I was well-acquainted with the format of Taskmaster, and my earlier forays into watching it had left me feeling it was amusing enough but really nothing too amazing. But Season 16 changed ALL of that. Maybe it’s partly

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

Honestly, I don’t remember how I came by this. Or, much of what happened in it. But I *do* remember staring at it open-mouthed trying to work out what I’d just seen an earnestly and urgently messaging half my comedy

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Season 5

By this point we’re into character-driven drama, but the cast and writers bring their all to the final season and leave it all out there to tie up the story. A couple of self-indulgent conceits follow the retirement and closing

Avenue 5 (both seasons)

I was drawn to this by Armando Ianucci’s involvement, and intrigued by Hugh Laurie’s presence (plus supporting case – Zach Woods, Rebecca Front, and Josh Gad as a low-rent Jack Black). While the first couple of episodes struggled to figure


Well, this was unusual – initially a very oddly positioned seemingly-sitcom about an ex-veteran now turned hitman, who gets engaged by some comically bad criminals to perform an assassination only to get himself accidentally enrolled in an acting class and

The Muppets Mayhem

Sure, it’s never gonna be “original Henson”, but this Muppet spinoff was the first post-buyout iteration I actively *liked* – a real return to the Muppets just “being fun” rather than being funny. The celeb cameos all felt a lot

Dead to Me – Series 3

I’ll be brutally honest and say I don’t remember specifics on this one – it’s the ongoing story of a couple of women thrust into friendship through some death & treachery, with layers of secrets at work and some ludicrous

Rick and Morty – Seasons 1 to 5

A rewatch of Rick & Morty HAD to be done, because… well… infant to supervise, right? And when she’s a bit older I won’t be able to watch shit like this during the day.  Just sublime writing.  So much more

Little Demon

Mainlined this accidentally, without being convinced if I enjoyed it. Obvious lineage to Rick & Morty, dialled up a bit in the adultness – I was also surprised at the depth of nerdy detail they went to. Probably the biggest

The Flight Attendant – Season 2

No less absurd than the first season, but whatever you think of this show you CERTAINLY couldn’t say it was formulaic or clicheed.  Multi-faceted espionage caper constantly upended by the completely underequipped Cassie Bowden, with a concluding sequence that was

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