The Reckoning

Just chilling. Expertly and I think sensitively portrayed without shrinking back from the facts but also not holding the story up as rubbernecking trauma driveby. I really, really hope we’ve learned something from all this.

The Crown – Season 5

We’re pretty close to present day now, and you’ve got to wonder how pleased the monarchy are with these dramatisations. Imelda Staunton makes a feasible Elizabeth (amazing the power of an iconic hairstyle on a quality actor), but the real


I’m always intrigued when a biopic gets dragged up of someone who’s been alive during my lifetime who I’ve GENUINELY NEVER HEARD OF – not that my life’s particularly tuned towards the fashion world.  No idea if Ewen MacGregor’s performance/likeness


Holy shit! ITV Hub has historically been a seething cesspool of tedium, however this 3-part dramatisation of the scandal of “The Coughing Major” on UK breakout gameshow Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was surprisingly captivating television!  A little laborious

The Crown – Season 4

The show chunters on closer to contemporary times, and one wonders how they avoid libel: such is the unsympathetic lens through which some members of The Firm are viewed.  Nevertheless it’s required viewing, and we mainlined the whole thing in

The Comey Rule

This seemed like a really well-told story. Now, it’s going to be a story told from one person’s point of view – based as it was on Comey’s autobiography – but one has to assume none of it’s legally objectionable

The Loudest Voice

Dramatisation of the downfall of Roger Ailes – executive in charge of Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, following his systemic sexual harrassment of the women they hired based on the speaking out of Gretchen Carlson.  A compelling story highlighting the challenge

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