A History of Heavy Metal
'Absolutely hilarious' - Neil Gaiman'One of the funniest musical commentators that you will ever read . . . loud and thoroughly engrossing' - Alan Moore'A man on a righteous mission to persuade people to "lay down your souls to the gods rock and roll".' - The Sunday Times'As funny and preposterous as this mighty music deserve' - John HiggsThe history of heavy metal brings brings us extraordinary stories of larger-than-life characters living to excess, from…

I’ve seen the comedy show which this book was based on 1.4 times (long story – but the 0.4 was a manful effort at putting on a performance despite the best efforts of the performer’s gastrointestinal tract). Andrew O’Neill can be described as many things – but “passionate about heavy metal” is definitely foremost in the list. Here, he presents his story of the genesis of his favourite genre of music, its progenitors, their influences, and then how the various subgenres sprawled out over time – all in O’Neill’s signature style which highlight the fact that he speaks in footnotes IN REAL LIFE.

Just excellent – educational AND hilarious, and I’m gonna read it again at some point but this time with the playlist he’s built to accompany the book on his website.


A History of Heavy Metal
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