The Jesus Bombs, rather.  So I’ve been anticipating this character spinoff from The Big Lebowski for AGES now, and Liz being out one night provided the perfect opportunity – and, casting the film’s 4.3 IMDB stars to one side, in I went.  If there was ONE takeaway from Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides it was that you need to do SO MUCH MORE work if trying to set up a story centred on a “colour character”.  I’ve no idea how Audrey Tatou allowed herself to be talked into this shitball, and definitely expected more from John Turturro.  A definitely disappointing exercise where rolling out of the character’s “signature phrases” from the previous film leaves the audient wondering, “Gawd, is THAT what they were clinging to?”.  👎 👎

The Jesus Rolls
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