This film was basically the same concept as The Hitman’s Bodyguard: that is to say, take a couple of fun-to-watch actors, then loosely give them a plot to hang from as they fanny about being over the top & ridiculous at each other.  I’m SURE it’s a total coincidence Ryan Reynolds was involved in both.  But really, this has Everything: The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Diamantopolous chewing on the scenery as a baddie, prison break, hi-tech hi-stakes robbery, torture sequence, jungle scenes, Nazis, and a centuries-old legend about some blingy MacGuffins.  Would watch again (well – I ended up watching it twice already, cos Liz fell asleep the first time).  And, though critics and probably 90% of the rest of the human race wouldn’t agree – I thought it had one of the BEST story resolutions you could wish for. Certainly fit with the vibe of the rest of it, anyway… 👍

Red Notice
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