Described to me as “The Groundhog Day remake that nobody asked for” – am I just getting too old/cynical, or is it fair to describe this as Groundhog Day mashed up with a “best friend’s wedding” trope? I thought Cristin Milioti did a genuinely believable job of holding the story together, providing the canvas for Andy Samberg’s more cartoonish performance to play against. There were a couple of laugh-out-loud moments, as well as some eye-roll (the whole realise-I’m-stuck-in-the-same-day-forever-so-I’ll-learn-quantum-physics-in-a-cafe-to-escape bit). Weirdly I thought they could have elevated the whole film by ending the film about 4 minutes earlier than they did, but then I’m no Hollywood producer so what would I know.

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