Intimate documentary about the reunion of the Monty Python team for their famous Final Concert series at the O2 in 2014 (of which I was very fortunate to attend twice!).  Having seen 20+ years of the Pythons reminiscing about Python, this was a chance to see it actually HAPPENING behind the scenes, and it was just captivating.  Clearly and visibly comedy legends in each of their own rights, there’s also the opportunity to watch them reacquainting with playing parts that had been put in mothballs for years – whilst also watching a bunch of old men almost playing parts *to each other* through the act of making it all happen, given that they’ve (naturally) all moved on to other things.

By and large it felt like a big fanboy jolly – but every now and again I felt like I’d seen something “behind the curtain”, and, wow.

What an achievement though. 👍👍

Monty Python: The Meaning of Live
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