Confession time: I’d never seen this end-to-end. Turns out I’ve seen it all in fits & bursts over the years (commencing with a run at it at Martyn Symons’ house when I was about 14 – around the same time I discovered Spinal Tap, but hadn’t yet “got it”)… and of course a film that’s transcended mere film status & become legendary. Objectively though, it’s a bit crap. The start of the show was Sean Connery’s wardrobe. And, having mentally pigeonholed Clancy Brown as US Attorney General Jock Jeffcoat it was now something of a mental leap to see him crawling about shirtless and fur-clad as growling antagonist “The Kurgan”.  Wedged in between Chrisophe Lambert’s Scottish “accent” and Connery’s “I’m not Shpanish, I’m Egyptian!”Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez.

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