Jojo Rabbit

What a great little film! Although it’s pretty easy to see why it sat on top of a screenplay blacklist for years (getting made only when Taika Waititi became one of the hottest properties in Hollywood).  A delightful piece about

Munich: The Edge of War

Bit of intense war drama here: and definitely not a PR piece for the allies, with Jeremy Irons’s Chamberlain coming across as something of a tit.  Some nice stuff about adolescent bonding overcoming contemporary politics and a few nice tense


Having just listened to Dan Carlin’s EXCELLENT Hardcore History podcast on the battle of Midway, I was very interested to see how it would go with the modern Hollywood treatment.  Short answer: skip the film, listen to the podcast.  Admittedly


Atmospheric World War 1 drama seemingly captured in a single shot (it wasn’t, but it seemed to have been), with a cast that was either great actors or less-great actors whose presence made you think “I bet they were thinking

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