Money Monster

Upon starting this we wondered how in the hell Roberts, Clooney and West could’ve starred in a film we’d never heard of – and upon watching it everything made horrible sense. This is a straight-to-video turd. Interesting premise, with some

John Wick: Chapter 4

Yes siree, the stories get stupider and the fights get longer – and in this case the film doesn’t weigh in much short of 3 hours. It’s all the quasi-balletic yet ruthlessly efficient John Wick vs. endless legions of bad

The Menu

How this ever got described as a comedy is a bit of a mystery – but whatever the genre I found it a compelling (if absurd) watch.  Having read nothing in advance about it, I really enjoyed the ongoing jaw-drops

Margin Call

You’ve got to wonder how much dramatic licence was taken with this finance-boiler… The business arbitrarily shedding critical risk management staff to shave a margin was totally believable. The 2am fully suited boardroom sit-room complete with top exec who helicoptered

I Came By

Pretty bullshittish attempt to break Hugh Bonneville’s typecasting, by making him a sinister condescending racist kidnapper. A film interesting only for the fact that it’s got no good-guy.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I’ve seen this a few times before (incl. the Swedish original, and reading the books), but rewatched cos we were on a boat sitting around in a harbour and there was jeff-all else to do.  I suppose the thing that

Blade Runner – The Final Cut

I’ve got a bit of a funny relationship with this film. I *know* intellectually it’s the sort of thing that a nerd of my pedigree ought to love/live & be able to quote backwards. However I’d only ever watched it

The Double

I loved this. Richard Ayoade directs an off-kilter Gilliam/Brazil-esque vision of a Dostoyevsky story in which an inadequate man encounters, covets, interacts with, worships, and is plagued by a much more successful clone of himself. Making films is such a


Ben Kingsley body-swaps to become Ryan Reynolds, and then a bunch of shit happened, and I don’t remember how it ended.  Something about taking the red pills.


Near-post-apocalyptic vision of a 2024 where the COVID pandemic’s still in situ, which probably only found an audience because we were all still stuck inside with not much to do and had watched EVERYTHING ELSE already.  Could be a hangover

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