Movie Category: Thriller

I Came By 0

I Came By

Pretty bullshittish attempt to break Hugh Bonneville’s typecasting, by making him a sinister condescending racist kidnapper. A film interesting only for the fact that it’s got no good-guy.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 0

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I’ve seen this a few times before (incl. the Swedish original, and reading the books), but rewatched cos we were on a boat sitting around in a harbour and there was jeff-all else to...

Blade Runner – The Final Cut 0

Blade Runner – The Final Cut

I’ve got a bit of a funny relationship with this film. I *know* intellectually it’s the sort of thing that a nerd of my pedigree ought to love/live & be able to quote backwards....

The Double 0

The Double

I loved this. Richard Ayoade directs an off-kilter Gilliam/Brazil-esque vision of a Dostoyevsky story in which an inadequate man encounters, covets, interacts with, worships, and is plagued by a much more successful clone of...

Self/less 0


Ben Kingsley body-swaps to become Ryan Reynolds, and then a bunch of shit happened, and I don’t remember how it ended.  Something about taking the red pills.

Songbird 0


Near-post-apocalyptic vision of a 2024 where the COVID pandemic’s still in situ, which probably only found an audience because we were all still stuck inside with not much to do and had watched EVERYTHING...

Dark Waters 0

Dark Waters

Well, THIS was frigging bleak. Captivating, and definitely a vehicle to send you through an emotional wringer – but incredibly well-assembled. The Sisyphean task of taking on Du Pont is a narrative that rings...

Parasite 0


I’ve no idea how we got onto this, other than maybe it being on a list of “20 worthy films to watch” in The Observer or something, but I’m so glad we did. Seeing...

Unhinged 0


“I’m gonna show you what a bad day looks like, lady”. Well, Russell – you certainly showed us what a bad film looks like.  I’ve no idea what this film was trying to set...

Tenet 0


Probably best summed up by how I recalled it to Adrian – “I didn’t get it initially, then I THOUGHT I got it, and then sort-of understood it (or at least tried to convince...