Captain Marvel

I feel like I *really* try with these superhero films, but they always end up feeling like I’m watching someone else playing a video game.  There’s probably loads of worthy stuff I’m missing in that synopsis, but at the end

Deadpool 2

The one obvious exception to my antipathy towards the comic book superhero genre – the wisecracking, convention-busting maniac in the red spandex. And it’s also really, really dark in parts. But the good news is that the sequel’s on par

Black Panther

Another adventure in optimism by me after hearing loads of critical acclaim – I couldn’t get on with Black Panther, either. I think I get the reasons for which this film’s culturally significant, but at the root of it I

Justice League

Comic book superhero films generally shit me to tears… but I still feel compelled to try them occasionally to see what the hype’s all about and see if they’ve ever caught up with my expectations of what film should be. 

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