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Boss Level 0

Boss Level

Ah, the ol’ time loop film eh?  Forever doomed to be compared with Groundhog Day.  Except instead of trying to get his end away with Andi MacDowell, this bloke was more interested in not...

Self/less 0


Ben Kingsley body-swaps to become Ryan Reynolds, and then a bunch of shit happened, and I don’t remember how it ended.  Something about taking the red pills.

Don’t Look Up 0

Don’t Look Up

The film that everyone’s calling “the most insightful bit of satire in years”, and which the critics are complaining about – I think it was just excellent.  Some great performances by A-listers in non-blockbuster...

Alita: Battle Angel 0

Alita: Battle Angel

This has been in the “to watch” pile seemingly FOREVER, and I’m so glad I got around to it (thanks, COVID!) because it was a great little tale. Screaming out for a sequel (unless...

Voyagers 0


Didn’t actually finish this one – I think we got about halfway through, but evidently I wanted to note down that it was a massive steaming turd of a film.  A bunch of kids...

Tenet 0


Probably best summed up by how I recalled it to Adrian – “I didn’t get it initially, then I THOUGHT I got it, and then sort-of understood it (or at least tried to convince...

Palm Springs 0

Palm Springs

Described to me as “The Groundhog Day remake that nobody asked for” – am I just getting too old/cynical, or is it fair to describe this as Groundhog Day mashed up with a “best...

Limitless 0


NOW we’re talking! Bradley Cooper not just goofing about like he did in The Hangover trilogy!  Fast-paced smart drug tale with a slightly-cheesy but satisfying finish. No idea how I’d missed this for the...