Movie Category: Science Fiction

The Matrix Resurrections 0

The Matrix Resurrections

Unfair to write this up as I suspect I slept through a substantive chunk of it. I thought the first 30-45 minutes were an interesting-enough bit of self-reflection about the decreasing returns in endlessly...

Ready Player One 0

Ready Player One

For a futuristic virtual-world story this one came off as quite fresh & original – I wonder if any of the cracks in the story were papered over by the legion of little pop-culture...

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 0

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Digital restoration release on the big screen – another chance to revisit a film of childhood in definition far greater than I’d ever seen, and in this case than the film producers had probably...

Blade Runner – The Final Cut 0

Blade Runner – The Final Cut

I’ve got a bit of a funny relationship with this film. I *know* intellectually it’s the sort of thing that a nerd of my pedigree ought to love/live & be able to quote backwards....

Mad Max 2 0

Mad Max 2

This genre flick goes beyond being a film into being a bona-fide cinema classic, but on THIS occasion I saw it as a digital restoration at the Bristol IMAX as part of 20th Century...

Boss Level 0

Boss Level

Ah, the ol’ time loop film eh?  Forever doomed to be compared with Groundhog Day.  Except instead of trying to get his end away with Andi MacDowell, this bloke was more interested in not...

Self/less 0


Ben Kingsley body-swaps to become Ryan Reynolds, and then a bunch of shit happened, and I don’t remember how it ended.  Something about taking the red pills.

Don’t Look Up 0

Don’t Look Up

The film that everyone’s calling “the most insightful bit of satire in years”, and which the critics are complaining about – I think it was just excellent.  Some great performances by A-listers in non-blockbuster...

Alita: Battle Angel 0

Alita: Battle Angel

This has been in the “to watch” pile seemingly FOREVER, and I’m so glad I got around to it (thanks, COVID!) because it was a great little tale. Screaming out for a sequel (unless...

Voyagers 0


Didn’t actually finish this one – I think we got about halfway through, but evidently I wanted to note down that it was a massive steaming turd of a film.  A bunch of kids...