The Boxer’s Omen

I watched this film. I’ll be honest, I’m hard-pressed to tell you wtf it was about. A Hong Kong gangster gets rescued from thugs by an apparition. The gangster’s brother (a boxer) gets paralysed in a match with a Thai

The Tingler

William Castle’s 1959 Vincent Price horror, at the IMAX as part of the festival.  I realised during this I’ve only seen one Vincent Price film (Bloodbath at the House of Death), so this was a bit of a treat and

Evil Dead II

What the hell do you say about this masterpiece? It’s been a while since I watched this, having latterly fallen more under the thrall of Ash vs the Evil Dead – what struck me was how much Ash has taken

Zombieland: Double Tap

I couldn’t BELIEVE that the original Zombieland film was 10 years old – hell of a long wait for a seemingly inconsequential sequel, and while it’s true this film isn’t going to change lives, it IS a wonderful & fun

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