Enjoyable piece centering around the relative shoe minnow Nike’s campaign to woo Michael Jordan as their figurehead basketball star. I love watching Affleck/Damon at work, with their easy friendship stretching back decades – and the addition of Jason Bateman was

The Northman

What a weird film! I think we got drawn into this by seeing Alexander Skarsgard on a chat show and selling the idea so fully. And yet when you watch it you find yourself thinking, “Well, this isn’t what I

Munich: The Edge of War

Bit of intense war drama here: and definitely not a PR piece for the allies, with Jeremy Irons’s Chamberlain coming across as something of a tit.  Some nice stuff about adolescent bonding overcoming contemporary politics and a few nice tense

The Professor and the Madman

Not that I’m hugely clued in on Hollywood these days, but I wondered how I’d never heard of this given the people involved – but it turns out it’s one of those where they swap directors part way through, artistic


Does Mark Ruffalo ONLY act in films about uncovering large conspiracies? This one’s about systemic child abuse by the Catholic church, along with the institutional coverup orchestrated by its hierarchy – Australians would no doubt be familiar with Cardinal George

Dark Waters

Well, THIS was frigging bleak. Captivating, and definitely a vehicle to send you through an emotional wringer – but incredibly well-assembled. The Sisyphean task of taking on Du Pont is a narrative that rings true from other similar stories I’ve

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