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L.A. Confidential 0

L.A. Confidential

A product of one of my occasional whims to watch something on Netflix that has a 7.0-or-higher IMDB score (if only to stem the incessant flow of shite), and I realised I’d never seen...

Luckiest Girl Alive 0

Luckiest Girl Alive

Powerful film, sure – but totally not what the trailers led us to believe this film was going to be about. It is important to tell stories about (in this case) privileged white guys...

Top Gun: Maverick 0

Top Gun: Maverick

Bit of a pantomime, wasn’t it? There was something fundamentally weird about the idea of Tom Cruise (a 60 year old) playing football on a beach with a bunch of 20-somethings, and out-flying them,...

Hustle 0


This was a film I saw.

Blade Runner – The Final Cut 0

Blade Runner – The Final Cut

I’ve got a bit of a funny relationship with this film. I *know* intellectually it’s the sort of thing that a nerd of my pedigree ought to love/live & be able to quote backwards....

The Northman 0

The Northman

What a weird film! I think we got drawn into this by seeing Alexander Skarsgard on a chat show and selling the idea so fully. And yet when you watch it you find yourself...

Senior Year 0

Senior Year

Few films can stand out as being “truly dire” – but this was one of them.  Basically forcing the “different generation” trope as a woman who’s been in a coma for 20 years returns...

The Double 0

The Double

I loved this. Richard Ayoade directs an off-kilter Gilliam/Brazil-esque vision of a Dostoyevsky story in which an inadequate man encounters, covets, interacts with, worships, and is plagued by a much more successful clone of...

Joker 0


4 goes to finish this (interrupted by couch-snoozin), which is no way to give a film an objective go at being received well, is it? For starters, I’m not someone who generally gives a...

The Favourite 0

The Favourite

Starting as a fairly fun social climb tracking the inner machinations of Queen Anne’s rule this piece develops into a manipulative and then dark drama on trust, vulnerability, love and power.  It’s a film...