Gripping documentary/catalogue of hate-targets surrounding a company geared to target “influencers”, setting up a high-end festival on a tropical paradise, and the attendant tale of how neglect, pig-headedness and wilful denial of the facts led to the event seeing thousands


TOTALLY didn’t recognise Amanda Peet in this.  As Liz puts it, “The disaster movie that has EVERYTHING” (“everything” being fire, tidal waves, magnetic inversion, ice, etc).  Spoiler alert – they make it.  And they find “new land” in Africa.  So


Standard awesome Dwayne Johnson fare – set in a 130+ storey high bleeding-edge-tech building, the titular “skyscraper” – and just for shits & giggles Johnson’s character has an artificial leg.  Which, y’know, I’m sure was a centrepiece of the original


Bafflingly strong cast for what’s otherwise a “by numbers” movie without much of a point.  I think the takeaways for me were that the human race can be real dicks when things get tough out there, that Jude Law in

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