The Lavender Hill Mob

Once I’d gotten past the eeriness of a younger Alec Guinness being very reminiscent of the face of Kevin Spacey, I really enjoyed this little larcenous romp. Also deligthed to recognise the bloke from My Fair Lady as well (although

The Sting

This was a film I was convinced I’d watched loads of times, but gave it another watch because I tried REALLY hard to remember what it was about, and couldn’t. It later occurred to me that I never actually watched

L.A. Confidential

A product of one of my occasional whims to watch something on Netflix that has a 7.0-or-higher IMDB score (if only to stem the incessant flow of shite), and I realised I’d never seen this! GREAT cast working a multi-layered

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I’ve seen this a few times before (incl. the Swedish original, and reading the books), but rewatched cos we were on a boat sitting around in a harbour and there was jeff-all else to do.  I suppose the thing that


4 goes to finish this (interrupted by couch-snoozin), which is no way to give a film an objective go at being received well, is it? For starters, I’m not someone who generally gives a monkey’s about comicbook films. Then there

The Batman

Turns out the world needed another Batman movie.  Who knew.  This time it’s (naturally) a bit grittier than the previous ones.  I enjoyed the home-grown sensibility of some of the costumes & gear, and there’s little point in focusing on


I’ve no idea why.  Not Kristen Bell’s finest film, tbh. Actually, though it was “inspired by true events” (which sounds like some kind of weaselly way of getting out of some kind of corner that “based on a true story”

Red Notice

This film was basically the same concept as The Hitman’s Bodyguard: that is to say, take a couple of fun-to-watch actors, then loosely give them a plot to hang from as they fanny about being over the top & ridiculous

The Heist

There’s a lot of shit out there on the streaming services, isn’t there?  I mean – you FEEL like you’ve got all the media in the world at your fingertips, and yet you find yourself going “Muuuuuh… I DON’T KNOW

Knives Out

Complex whodunnit with quite the cast – certainly no linear solution for Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc to solve…  I did find the Southern Gentleman accent a bit distracting, snapping my mind back to the chicken lawyer from Futurama.  The characters

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