Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

It’s tough with these franchises-of-my-childhood getting latter-day instalments, because the key players are all past it and the wellspring of ideas it all stemmed from was long since exhausted. So, the best thing you can say about this was that

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Well, that was an antidote to Marvel films, wasn’t it? Best multiverse story outside of Rick & Morty.  Bloody staggering.  Love love loved it. 👍👍

Deadpool 2

It was a long night – but once you rewatch Deadpool it’s foolish not to play on. Not sure if the streamed version of this was different to the last one I watched, or whether my recollections differ due to


Rewatched this purely because I don’t sleep any more and have an infant to supervise. Deadpool continues to be the only Marvel property I give a monkey’s about.  Just a sweary, sarcastic joy to behold.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

DEFINITELY seen this before but somehow it doesn’t appear in any of my media roundups. Hey ho! I rewatched following finishing the excellent TV series Andor, due to the presence of the title character in this film.  I’ve got vague

OSS 117: From Africa with Love

I’ve been a fan of Jean DuJardin’s OSS117 films since seeing “Lost in Rio” in 2010 with Hannah & Paul, and it’s been a bit of a hard sell to bring other people on this ride with me… but me

Ready Player One

For a futuristic virtual-world story this one came off as quite fresh & original – I wonder if any of the cracks in the story were papered over by the legion of little pop-culture references buried (and more overtly placed)

The Northman

What a weird film! I think we got drawn into this by seeing Alexander Skarsgard on a chat show and selling the idea so fully. And yet when you watch it you find yourself thinking, “Well, this isn’t what I

Mad Max 2

This genre flick goes beyond being a film into being a bona-fide cinema classic, but on THIS occasion I saw it as a digital restoration at the Bristol IMAX as part of 20th Century Flicks’ Forgotten Worlds film festival.  Pure

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Nowhere near as bad as people might have you believe. Nostalgia’s a funny thing, though.  Seeing a film make a nod to a TV show or film series seems reasonable, but seeing a slightly self-indulgent film making a nod to

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