Everything Everywhere All at Once

Well, that was an antidote to Marvel films, wasn’t it? Best multiverse story outside of Rick & Morty.  Bloody staggering.  Love love loved it.

Deadpool 2

It was a long night – but once you rewatch Deadpool it’s foolish not to play on. Not sure if the streamed version of this was different to the last one I watched, or whether my recollections differ due to


Rewatched this purely because I don’t sleep any more and have an infant to supervise. Deadpool continues to be the only Marvel property I give a monkey’s about.  Just a sweary, sarcastic joy to behold.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

DEFINITELY seen this before but somehow it doesn’t appear in any of my media roundups. Hey ho! I rewatched following finishing the excellent TV series Andor, due to the presence of the title character in this film.  I’ve got vague

OSS 117: From Africa with Love

I’ve been a fan of Jean DuJardin’s OSS117 films since seeing “Lost in Rio” in 2010 with Hannah & Paul, and it’s been a bit of a hard sell to bring other people on this ride with me… but me

Ready Player One

For a futuristic virtual-world story this one came off as quite fresh & original – I wonder if any of the cracks in the story were papered over by the legion of little pop-culture references buried (and more overtly placed)

The Northman

What a weird film! I think we got drawn into this by seeing Alexander Skarsgard on a chat show and selling the idea so fully. And yet when you watch it you find yourself thinking, “Well, this isn’t what I

Mad Max 2

This genre flick goes beyond being a film into being a bona-fide cinema classic, but on THIS occasion I saw it as a digital restoration at the Bristol IMAX as part of 20th Century Flicks’ Forgotten Worlds film festival.  Pure

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Nowhere near as bad as people might have you believe. Nostalgia’s a funny thing, though.  Seeing a film make a nod to a TV show or film series seems reasonable, but seeing a slightly self-indulgent film making a nod to

Roald Dahl’s The Witches

I’ll confess to only having seen about 40% of this, through a combination of drifting in & out of sleep on a flight, and being interrupted by the flight having to land. It seemed like a lot of fun though

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