The thing with a film property based on characters from Greek mythology is that it seems absurd to cluck “Well that’s just RIDICULOUS”.  However even the central plot vacuum wasn’t enough to detail this Dwayne-In-A-Wig epic. And don’t be misled into thinking the trailer accurately portrays the film, cos it …

The Mummy Returns

We watched this on the strength of the involvement of The Rock, and were you to use the relative size of the characters’ faces on the poster as an indication of their importance/screentime in the film you’d have at least expected him to feature as much as mouldering CG-when-it-suits-him creepy …

The Aeronauts

Victorian tale of balloonists pushing the boundaries of science & learning a lot about life and each other suspended in a tiny basket tens of thousands of feet above London.  PROPERLY gave me the willies, if only due to the lack of safety equipment.

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