That be no bench…

It looks like a bench in our back “yard” (more like 8 square feet, but it’s very nice).  But it’s not.  It’s a wood storage thing.

Or at least, it was at one point.

Now it’s a nest of rather horrible things, which live in between the bordering-on-liquid remains of what was once firewood.  And cunningly I set myself the task of ushering it all into rubble sacks to take out the front ready to dispose of at some point soon.

I talk about how the spiders in this country are pathetic (relative to what we’ve got to endure on a daily basis in Australia).  And it’s generally the case.  But there’s things inside that bench that would give JRR Tolkien the willies.

I hope Liz doesn’t read this.

That be no bench…
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