Fairly recently following our move into the new house (WHEEEEEE! NEW HOUSE!) I posted on Facebook remarking on the fact that a favourite mug of mine had been with me for some time and was quite well-travelled: coming to me from my mate Caitlin back in around 1994-sih from her exchange year in Denmark, to Australia, and then back to the UK where it’s still in service some 22 years (and innumerable cups of joe) later.


Well, as if the Mug Gods were watching, it seemed that I got in just in time.

I’m sorry to report that the Danish mug was cast to the floor by the vibrations of our new German washer/drier during one of its outlandishly effective 1400rpm spin cycles.


All’s not completely lost – a few judicious drops of epoxy resin and we’re back in service, although it’s probably not the most cosmetically amazing job you’ve ever seen.  I had a dream the other night featuring the mug wrapped in bandages, shrieking “GIVE ME THE MIRROR!”.  Ridiculous.

Seems the old rivalries still hold strong
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