Some things I learned today
  1. If you’re going to restore a backup from your laptop to your iPad, you need to use an Official Apple Cable, and not an aftermarket one: the internal construction isn’t the same, meaning that the connection can drop partway through the process and brick your iPad.  Also, the chap you take your iPad to at the Genius Bar to fix it will sneer at you.
  2. It takes just under an hour for my iPad to be re-imaged and restored from the backup.
  3. Where it says “Full Backup” in iTunes, that doesn’t mean “full backup” – when the bloke in the shop reimages your iPad with iOS 8.1.1, the backup you’re subsequently restoring doesn’t contain the operating system (in my case, 7.1.2).  So, “full backup” is a bit of a crock.
  4. Though it’s possible to disassemble most of a Gaggia Classic fairly easily, unblocking one just isn’t something that I can be arsed with.
  5. 0 out of 5 butchers in my area stock beef cheek.  1 out of 5 had any idea what I was talking about.
Some things I learned today
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