Yes.  Movember is here.


This year marks a decade of me upsetting all around with the curation of yet another absurd-looking lip slug.  By November 30th 2013 I’ll have spent a total of 10 months putting dignity on the line in order to raise funds and awareness of mens’ health issues via the Movember charity: over the years variously depression, and testicular & prostate cancer care & research.

Blokes are rubbish at going to the doctor, and yet the annual crop of moustaches peeking out as winter draws in in the UK are now almost a subconscious cue to all of us to at least stop & think when the last time we had a checkup was.

Plus, it seems to irritate hipsters to ask them if they’re doing Movember – and anything that irritates hipsters is totally fine by me.

If you can spare £5 or so to help me in my fundraising effort this year, then I’d really appreciate it.  It’s been a lot of fun doing this over the last decade.

Many thanks.

Time to face the hairy end of the year
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