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So, as mentioned in my previous post, I’m in the US right now and will be here for a few weeks.  I’ve got a few tickets booked for things which I now can’t use, so I thought I’d mention it here and see if anyone’s interested in taking them over from me.

I realise this is another manifestation of my irritating habit of having extra tickets for things and optimistically hoping that my friends might want to make use of them, only in this case I’ve got single tickets for this stuff and the only reason for wanting to sell them is that I can’t make it to the gigs in question any more.

  • June 30th – Hayseed Dixie – 20:00 – The Half Moon Putney, 93 Lower Richmond Road, London, SW15 1EU – £16
    Hayseed Dixie are a very skilful & fun bluegrass band who started out doing covers of AC/DC songs (and Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Aerosmith, etc.) and the like, and are moving more into originals.  Check ’em out on YouTube – aside from doing excellent covers, they’re top musicians.  I played them to Spiro and he liked them.  And he hates rock cover bands.
  • July 11th – Festival Of The Spoken Nerd (“Are you Pi-curious?”) – 19:30 – London New Red Lion Theatre, 271-273 City Road, City of London, EC1V 1LA
    FOTSN is a nerd comedy night  put together by Helen Arney, Matt Parker and Steve Mould, and features nerdy (science/maths) comedy as well as talks by science people & other interesting folk.  I can’t remember how much the ticket was (maybe about a fiver?).  Genuinely fascinating & fun night though. This one’s taken now!
  • July 13th – Primus – doors 19:00 – Brixton Academy – £25
    Not sure what to say about Primus, cos I’ve not seen them before.  I know that my mate Ben in Adelaide hates them, but apart from that all I’ve got to pass on is the Wikipedia content: “Primus’ musical style is difficult to define. Primus has been called everything from “thrash-funk meets Don Knotts, Jr.” to “the Freak Brothers set to music”, and has been variously termed alternative rock, alternative metal, funk metal, and progressive metal.  Les Claypool himself once described their music as “psychedelic polka”. Primus is the only band with its own ID3 genre tag, as extended by Winamp. Primus’ influences include Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, The Residents, Mr. Bungle, King Crimson, and Rush. Bands that have cited Primus as an influence include Deftones, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Incubus and Muse. “
  • July 18th – Paul Foot Edinburgh Preview – doors 7:30pm, show 8pm  – secret venue – £10
    A fairly unconventional comedian, Paul Foot is someone whose work I’ve wanted to check out for some time, and I bagged a ticket to his now sold-out Edinburgh Preview run via his Connoisseurs’ Guild (as he doesn’t have a Fan Club).  As reviews of his prior work suggest, what he does isn’t “stand up comedy”, per se – more seemingly random comical wanderings.  I think it’ll be a memorable night.

So, that’s what I’ve got – if you’re interested, ping me a note on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or via blog comments below, and we’ll figure it out.

At this point it’s probably necessary to reiterate that all of these shows take place in London, so in order to avail yourself of the tickets you need to either already be in London, or have some independent means of getting yourself to London.   None of these tickets come with a return airfare to London – which is a pity, I know, but I’m saving up for a new tricycle and just can’t throw money around like I used to.

Thanks in advance for the flood of responses.

PS A friend of mine’s also got a spare ticket for this Friday’s Hard Rock Calling Festival (£50) – the main lineup is The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, and James.  Again, contact me if interested & I’ll put you in touch.

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