Another year, another Movember.

And once again a HUMUNGOUS thankyou to all the generous support you’ve displayed this year – through your kind donations, my Movember fundraising total this year was….


Which is, needless to say, extremely impressive work.

The final moustache, you’ll be keen to know, looked like this:

Which isn’t how I intended it to look – upon crashing through the £500 mark it was my intention to up the game a little by dyeing my tache purple.  And why wouldn’t you, eh?  This would be a 2-stage process – first to bleach my mo (which while not jet black, is still quite dark), and then apply the colourful dye.  Liz advised that using standard hair dye was a bad idea, and so instead I bought cream bleach, designed for facial hair bleaching.  Applying it as directed for 10 minutes, it seemed to have no effect at all.  Later that night I reapplied it for a further 15 and found my mo going gingery.  3 further 15 minute applications the next day saw the shade lift to a fairly convincing golden colour:

Subsequent application of purple dye however appeared to take it mostly back to its original colour, save for a thin blonde line along the lip-line where it seems I didn’t apply the dye properly.

(The black box is there purely so you don't have to look up my nostrils.)

So after visiting 3 different shops to get the stuff in the first place, and about 3 hours of futzing about with bleach/dye, the net effect was that rather than an impressive purple mo, instead I had a largely normal-coloured mo, with blond highlights, and an upper-lippular area that felt like it had had harsh caustic chemicals repeatedly applied to it.

But, back to the celebrating of the achievements of others.

First and foremostly, it’d be remiss of me not to pay some sort of tribute to the highly applaudable efforts of my Mo Bros, iterated to the right: hats off to Chisel, Duracell Dave, Jon, Stewbacca, Ryan, Tommy S, Simon and Wes – both on raising stacks-o-money for the respective charities in those countries, and also for cultivating such distinguished and excellent face-furniture.

I’m a little unsure whether to also acknowledge the efforts of those who grew moustaches but didn’t post photos of them online anywhere I could find them.  Sure, it’s still a noble effort, but what’s the point if I can’t harvest these pictures for sharing, eh?

And as with the update earlier in the month – a huge “WELL DONE!” to my comrades in the Whisky4Movember team, assembled by Captain Darren Rook, for their(/our?) altogether impressive fundraising total of £1,749.00.  As of today that puts our team 692nd in the entire United Kingdom, which is probably quite admirable.

Darren gathered £120 for the mo, as well as raising money via the sales of the Whisky4Movember bottlings from Master of Malt, his work at the Whisky Relay, and generally being a year-round champion of facial hair.

Whisky Squad co-organiser Andy crossed the line with a highly respectable total of £265 for the quite impressive tache pictured above.

The Puzzler Dan Brown also collected a healthy total of £265 with his angular stylings.

And Mr Billy Abbott in no way underachieved, collecting a robust figure of £200 as well – noteworthy because at the beginning of Movember it was the first time he’d been clean-shaven in a decade.

So anyway, that’s another Movember over and done with – you’ll be excited to hear that because of hot water issues, now at Dec 2nd I’m still sporting my mo, and the semi-permanent purple dye is starting to wash out, leaving me with an inconsistent mottled partially ginger lip slug.  So should the goal all along have been to make me look ludicrous, then mission well and truly accomplished.

Otherwise thanks again, and finally here’s a little time-lapse video Billy set up using his progress shots.  Looks like a man growing facial hair.  THIS is what the internet is for, people.

Once fuzzy around the lip, but now mo longer.
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