OK, so in recent weeks it occurred to me that there’s an awful lot of hair product kicking about in our bathroom.  To demonstrate, what better way is there than to conduct a brief photographic essay?

Firstly, here’s my stuff:

So, there’s a bottle of American Crew conditioner – that’s the tingly minty stuff which is awesome, and the white deposit on the bottle is because I’ve had it since my visit to Oxford in 2004, because though I love the stuff, I don’t really do conditioner that often.  It just never occurs to me.  At the back there’s some Original Source shower gel/shampoo, and to pad out the photo a bit I’ve put in my shaving gel plus the two tubes of other miscellaneous shaving-related gubbins that Will King sent me after I wrote a blog post on how much I liked the King of Shaves stuff – there’s moisturiser and facewash, and I’ve really got no idea what to do with either.  I thought washing your face was what happened when you put water on it, so buggered if I know what facewash does.  Actually, same goes for moisture.  I never did study Chemistry.

Anyway, that photo is the compare & contrast with the other photo, being the collection of the various bottles of shampoo, conditioner & shower gel we’ve got lurking in our bathroom.

Am not complaining – it just amused me.

I did mention that it’s just the two of us who share that bathroom, right?

It turns out my housemate James didn’t find this quite as hilarious as I did…
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