Checking for poison...

Argh! So much going on here at Humpy Towers – I’ve barely had a chance to comprehensively narrate all of it in an overly bombastic manner, such as is typically the custom…

The big news though is that tomorrow night – misleadingly, April Fools’ Day – will see the first instalment of Andy (of GoodDrinksEtc) & my new project: Whisky Squad!

We’re running a monthly whisky tasting club, with the idea being to keep it affordable & relaxed, and give people a chance to experience a range of whisky tastes & flavours with a bunch of like-minded enthusiastic amateurs.

The intention is to keep the group to a maximum of 12, and each month to run the tasting to a different “theme”, which will more than likely consist of a grouping of whiskies that Andy & I come up with along some thin justification, and which fit into our budget.

The first session filled up almost instantly, and so now all that remains is to get on with it.  More information to follow soon, I suppose.

On the offchance you’re interested, the place to look is – and/or follow us on Twitter, under the unsurprisingly selected name “whiskysquad“.

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