Instead of looking around at the immediate outdoor environment and seeing such magnificent t-shirt conducive stuff as this:
you instead peep out of your front door to be greeted with something more akin to this:

For extra added bonus points, there’s also the option of checking the forecast on the BBC website.  Chances are, if you’re not in Australia any more then it might look something like this:

The other fun thing about snow is that it’s one of those ninja weather conditions.  Whereas with rain, you know that it’s going on out there cos you can hear it – snow can merrily drop out of the sky for hours, and if you don’t cast a glance out the window you can be quite startled by the fact that you’re surrounded by it when you open the front door.

More accurately, interchange the word “you” with the word “I” or “my”, or relevant equivalent, in the previous sections of text – essentially I didn’t want to just seem like I was writing about myself again.  But I am/was.

How you can tell that the holiday in Australia’s over.
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