sleepy-kittyAnd that, as they say, was the trip.

I’m presently parked in the BA lounge at JFK, having been dragged from my 9:00 flight to the 18:00 one.  They offered me $800 by way of compensation for my trouble, and by smiling at the lady I managed to wangle a day pass to the lounge and a meal voucher too… so that rather solves the problem of what to do for the day.  Can’t say that it was a smooth ride in – the chauffeur car that my “hotel” organised was falling asleep at the wheel coming in along the Expressway towards the airport.  I assume he was my driver.  His English wasn’t particularly good, although far better than my Spanish.

The last few days have been nothing short of excellent, and I suspect they’ll make a couple of long-promised & hinted-at blog posts that don’t actually materialise for a month or 2.

By way of a teaser though, it’s important & relevant to say that New York’s Halloween parade is one of the most bewildering and yet fun things I’ve seen in recent times. Lets hope the videos turned out OK, eh?

So, holiday now more or less over – back in London by around 07:00 Monday, and then life resumes more or less as normal!

Right now, however, I’m off in search of coffee & a croissant.

Man I’m sleepy.

That was one hell of a thing.
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