Sunny Adelaide, here we come. “We”, being “me”, that is. Here me comes. There goes I. Etc.

Afternoon all! As December hovers into view, so too does my trip back to Adelaide,  Melbourne & Canberra.  If you’d like to catch up, can you send me a facebook message, an email, a message through the Contact Me form, a text message, etc.  & we can work out a time/date/place!

Adelaide: Dec 12, (busy on the 13th), 14, 15 (morning)
Canberra: Dec 15, 16, 17 (morning)
Adelaide: Dec 17-30
Melbourne: Dec 30 – Jan 4

And if you’re in Adelaide on the 19th and can make it to this: (Facebook Event Page) that’d be fun too!

Talk soon…!