Afternoon all! As December hovers into view, so too does my trip back to Adelaide,  Melbourne & Canberra.  If you’d like to catch up, can you send me a facebook message, an email, a message through the Contact Me form, a text message, etc.  & we can work out a time/date/place!

Adelaide: Dec 12, (busy on the 13th), 14, 15 (morning)
Canberra: Dec 15, 16, 17 (morning)
Adelaide: Dec 17-30
Melbourne: Dec 30 – Jan 4

And if you’re in Adelaide on the 19th and can make it to this: (Facebook Event Page) that’d be fun too!

Talk soon…!

Sunny Adelaide, here we come. “We”, being “me”, that is. Here me comes. There goes I. Etc.
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