There’s no point in instigating a cockup if you can’t tell everyone about it, right?

Back in June Emzo kindly bought me a ticket to see Teignmouth alt rock legends Muse in November for my birthday, and ever since I’ve been pretty damn excited about the idea.

Bop & Tom wanted to come along, so inexplicably I bought them a couple of tickets off eBay for the Thursday Nov 12th gig as well, and we all sat back & waited for the date to arrive.

As it’s now Tuesday, I thought I’d contact everyone and form a game plan on where to meet, at what time, etc. on Thursday night.

Emzo emailed me back politely informing me that our tickets are for Friday night.

So now not only will I have to jump through some unnecessary hoops to get Bop & Tom their tickets (more frustrating now, because I forgot to take them with me when I saw those guys on Friday night), but it also transpires that I can’t make it to the gig on Friday, because – somewhat ironically – I’m going to Plymouth for the weekend, and my train leaves at 19:00.

No idea how we screwed this up, because my gig calendar’s usually pretty well meticulously accurate.  But in this case, I think the clusterfuck of:

  1. me buying friends tickets to go to a gig on a different night to me
  2. me arranging to go away for the weekend on the same date someone’s bought me a birthday present ticket
  3. me having to arrange specially to meet someone to pass tickets over when I’ve been to that person’s house within the last 96 hours

warrants an epic Captain Picard-style facepalm.

(You sort of need to squint a bit to see this, or click it to focus on the details)

I am a thundering great pillock
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