Near work we’ve got a cafe which operates a loyalty card system.  Unfortunately, as they also have a policy of employing non-native English speakers, my attempts to educate them on the subtle errors on that loyalty card have proven fruitless.


Despite my repeated attempts to get my sixth coffee for free, apparently I’m only allowed one once all the little circles have been stamped.  Rules are rules.

Although I do appreciate the little “Thankyou for yor custom” message.

I guess it’s a mute point*, as I’m pretty much exclusively visiting the awesome coffee cart around the corner nowadays anyway.

* no reason not to slip in another moan – people who say “It’s a mute point”, when the expression is “It’s a moot point“**.  They’ll be the fourth lot of people up against the wall when the revolution comes through, after playwrights, people who say “expresso”, and people who say “cup-of-cino”.

** Oh dear, in researching “moot point”, I’ve just learned that I’ve been using it incorrectly this whole time as well.  Oh well, as long as the revolution get those “cups-of-cino” bastards first, I don’t mind being next up against the wall.  I had it coming.

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