I’m sitting in Aaron & Tanya’s kitchen, writing a blog post while we wait for the satellite TV guy to get his arse back down from the roof so we can jump in the car and go in to check , you’ll all be relieved to know.out what’s goin’ down in Seattle…

I arrived here yesterday, and it’s been great to have a chance to catch up with these two – I’ve not seen them in ages!  We managed to sneak a beer in pretty much instantly, you’ll all be relieved to know. Fresh into my constant quest for nice beers, we’ve had Fat Tire, Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale, Alaskan Amber, and a bottle of something called Arrogant Bastard Ale.


The TV bloke eventually left, but not before Tanya had started trying to make canoli (here’s a picture of Aaron pretending to help):

They’ve just moved into quite a nice new house just out of Seattle:


And Aaron’s pretty chuffed about having a shiny yellow Porsche to drive around in, too:


That ought to do for now.

Does anyone wanna write me a special guest top ten for Tuesday? Something tells me I’m gonna be a bit short of time & opportunity…

I love holidays.

Hooray for holidays