Things to do on a rainy day

OK so one of the joys of living in Camden (and indeed in London) is that there’s plenty of tramps about, and occasionally they’ll leave bits & pieces about the place.  Found this lot out on our doorstep this morning.


Looks like a nice night – couple of cans of Kronenbourg and an Onken mousse…  Kroneys aren’t as strong as Carlsberg Special Brew, so it won’t have completely overpowered the light & subtle taste of the mousse.  Looks like they’ve hooked into a packet of menthol fags, for the post-dinner treat.  And finally, as entertainment’s clearly in short supply, they’ve splashed out on a box of Viagra.  Maybe the menthols were the final item in the list – I guess we’ll never know.

Is it wrong that my brain said “But… if you’d not wasted the money on the Viagra you could’ve had a mousse EACH plus at least an extra beer?!” ?