In mid-March, former housemate & distiguished gentleman Bushy called upon me to join him for a weekend’s beer-festivalling, and as I couldn’t find a flaw anywhere in this plan, I did so.  Our goal was the historic brewing gem of Burton-on-Trent – once home to the Bass company (now owned by multinational brewing giant Molson-Coors), as well as Marstons, and home to the top-fermenting style used in the production of our beloved Coopers Ales.  Foolishly we elected to warm up on Friday night with a few beers, which meant I spent most of Saturday with a raging headache.

Bushy’s developed a fairly artful manner of putting together videos about his adventures, and so rather than witter on about a bunch of stuff I can’t remember very well (yes, well we did try several beers that afternoon, remember), I thought I’d share his take on the experience:

The joy of beer
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