About 2 months ago I had this seemingly brilliant idea to start a new blog containing all of the hilarious stuff which I stumbled across on teh Intertubes (www.piecost.net): the primary purpose being so I could stop emailing crud out to people and instead provide them with a place to come & check at such time as they had a spare minute.  Initially it was all rather good fun and I collected quite a neat selection of funny stuff.  Visitor traffic figures were looking quite good, and I decided that I should keep it ticking over at a fair old pace.  It seems that by and large my posting rate is between 3 and 5 items on a normal day.

The problem, it turns out, is that after a while this becomes quite a challenging level of output – given that I’m working fulltime as well, and more often than not have somewhere to be after work.  I tried just posting thing son an ad-hoc basis, but due to my initial posting frequency I now feel extremely guilty if my postcount is only one or two or, like today, none.

One option I’ve got open is to invite guest contributors, however I feel like I’d need to subject other peoples’ postings to a vetting process: after all the whole thing was conceived as a place to dig up the sort of thing which I’d find funny.  Countermanding that of course is that under the present system I’m choosing material which is possibly second-rate in order to fulfil my posting quota.

Would anyone out there be interested in a trial run at contributing the odd post, and see how many of them I end up using?  Equally, are the people reading Piecost happy with a lesser posting frequency?  Keeping up with 3-5 posts a day is still pretty full-on if you’ve got an otherwise busy workload.

Your thoughts?

How many pies would a piecost cost if a piecost could cost pies?
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