Whilst skimming over my site stats recently and seeing what the hottest keywords that mistakenly send people here at the moment are, I couldn’t help but notice that in the middle of the pack for this month have been a few visits for folks seeking out webpages featuring the phrase “gaping anus”.  Finding this hilarious, as one no doubt should, it found its way onto Twitter, and shortly thereafter one of my learned colleagues (a Mr Hector Cock-Bouffant) did some further keyword research and pointed out that in fact as a result of an off-the-cuff comparison I made regarding certain aspects of a recent airport trip this very blog is currently the top search result when one inputs the phrase “Satan’s gaping anus”.


You can imagine just how proud this makes me.

Dave has made a valiant attempt at usurping my title with his retaliatory post, but I’m not convinced I like his chances.

I’m wondering – should I capitalise on this somehow & launch a range of promotional t-shirts, or bumper stickers?  Quoits, perhaps?

You don’t get a proper picture without the addition of “gaping”, really.
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