Oh yes, it’s THAT time of year again – Movember!  And, given my lack of charitable activity of late (in honesty, I’ve not done much since the great hospital abseil) I thought what a perfect chance to promote awareness of prostate cancer, and hopefully raise a few quid towards eradicating it, or at least making some sufferes’ lives more comfortable.  As you know, prostate cancer is a serious illness – statistically it affects many more men than women, and to that end the UK branch of Movember has selected The Prostate Cancer Charity to raise money for.

After much consideration, I have decided that raising awareness and money towards fighting this crippling & terrifying disease is far more important than any reservations I may have about sporting silly facial hair.  I would be most appreciative if you would take the time to have a quick look at my Movember page (that’s the link for UK viewers – if you’re in Australia, click here).

If you’d like to support my fledgling facial fuzz then click on the “Donate to me” speech bubble – anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated!  (If you’re donating from Australia then it’s also worth doublechecking you’re using the correct currency as well…)  If you don’t want to donate, then that’s fine too!  Massive thanks to the people who have already donated!

I’ll endeavour to keep the page (as well as my Facebook profile) updated with photos of my Mo’s progress.

According to the Movember statistics, there are 13,117 Movemberers in the UK this year so far – hopefully as an added bonus we can wrest the noble moustache back onto the fashion pedestal in once inhabited.  In India and Austria the Mo never fell from grace, and perhaps 2008 will be the year that it returns to England as well.

I’ve not decided what style to go for this year – will it be a Burt Reynolds?  Will it be a Chopper?  Will it be a Salvador Dali?  Or perhaps, a Charlie Chaplin…  All achieveable suggestions considered (I’d love to be able to cultivate a Lord Kitchener, but that’s a steep task in 30 days, even for me).

Stay tuned!

Did you ever MO that you’re my heeeeeeeeeroooooo….?
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