OK so I just got a text from my mobile network (name removed in case anyone takes umbrage):

Hello from XXXXXX. Just to let you know we have made some improvements to our network in your area.  So, you should now get even better coverage from XXXXXX.

What interests me is the phrase “in your area”.  It’s a mobile phone, right?  Do they mean in the area surrounding my billing address, or are they basing it on the network cell that my phone is currently in?  In which case, how do they know that I’m going to be there for long enough to give a shit about what the network improvement is like?  OR maybe they’ve been monitoring which cells my phone registers itself in over the course of the past week, and they’ve concluded that the one covering my office is my predominant location…  OH MY GOD, THEY’RE WATCHING ME!

Maybe mum’s theory about increasing the line rental cost of home phones to the point where everybody switched to mobiles in order that The Government can track your whereabouts all the time was right?!

The future is orange. You’d think it would be blueshifting, really.
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