Yesterday was the UK release of the new 3G iPhone.  This, on the O2 website:

Now the thing is, for quite a while now O2 have been taking pre-registrations of interest from people wanting an iPhone.  I understand there’s all kinds of issues that could arise from availability of stock from Apple, and so on, but the demand surely couldn’t be described as “unprecedented”.

In a logical world they’d take pre-orders, then fulfil those and not release any more until more stock had arrived… but then I guess as they know that there’s only one source in the UK to get these things, and the people who want them are more than likely Apple fanboys, it doesn’t really matter how much of a cockup the process becomes – the demand will remain static.

Am I cynical in thinking that the global economic situation isn’t as bad as the media portray – the mortage market’s knackered, oil is at an alltime high which is adding extra cost on to pretty much everything, there’s global food shortages and the environment’s stuffed…  but things aren’t so bad that it’s possible to sacrifice being at the cutting edge of mobile phone technology.

Oooooh I’d like an iPhone.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.