For reasons just beyond my understanding the room cleaners in my Paris hotel yesterday made off with the remaining pair of fresh boxer shorts I had for the weekend.  Of course I didn’t notice this until 5:50 this morning when I was looking for them in preparation for my shower and subsequent sprint to Gare du Nord.

The result of this is that I had the choice of either going commando, or re-using Sunday’s pair (turned inside out, naturally).  To give you an idea of how attractive the latter would be, Richie & I spent pretty much all day yesterday wandering about the Tour de France track in 30 degree heat, and selected periods in the sweaty morass of a summer’s day on the Metro.  So yeah, we’re talking moisture, but nothing an overnight stay pegged to a hotel room balcony couldn’t minimise.

Neither was particularly appealing as far as options go, and I guess you’ll be relieved to read (at least as far as mental imagery goes, unless the damage is already done) that I plumped for option B.

The quandry one now finds oneself in is whether or not it’s worth popping to Marks & Sparks near work to purchase a fresh pair of shreddies or not.  I mean, clean durps is obviously the most desireable outcome, however it’s midday now, which means I’ve had these skanky ones on for 6 hours now.  Surely there’s not going to be much benefit in calling subs in at this stage of the game, is there?

Compounding the problem is that I’ve nowehere to put the tarnished set should I change into pristine shorts – the backpack I took away for the weekend is quite compact, and is currently filled to capacity (with sweaty clothes from the weekend).  There’s not room in there for an extra set of Reg Grundies, so unless I procure a shopping bag from somewhere (increasingly hard to do) I’ll have to be carrying them around on the end of a biro – at least this should guarantee me safe passage through the peak hour underground crowds.

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