Weekend summary: Whisky, boardgames, eclipse, and pirates.

Detail (Friday): Longmorn 16, Miyagikyo 12, Port Charlotte (which was FAR muddier than it looked), Baillie Nichol Jarvie (although that was a blend), Bunnahabhain XVIII, Glenmorangie Cote D’or Burgundy finish, Edradour 10, Glenrothes 1994, Swedish whisky whose name escapes me, and an Ardbeg Uigeadail (which is like eating campfire ash off a shovel). Then we went back to Richie’s and had a Laphroaig Rum Finish and a Brora 30.

Detail (Saturday): A couple of games of Siedler, curry, sweet nourishing beer, watching eclipse, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

2007-03-07 : There is no dark side of the moon – it’s all dark, really.